Have you ever stopped to consider what is behind the eyes of those you love?

If you are like most of us, you have a couple of photos around in your office or in your wallet or sitting or hanging in your home of those you love, friends and good times.  Rarely do you see a photo of something horrible, or an accident, or a sad event as a reminder of something in the personal space of a person.  So what is behind those eyes staring back at you in the photo?

Look at the photos that surround you right where you sit.   Do you remember the day they were taken?  What was the reason for capturing the memory?  I wonder what the person in the photo was thinking when you snapped the photo?  Perplexed?  What about a photo of yourself?  Take a look at one, you may even be in one of the photos which you are starring out right now.   What were you thinking when the photo was shot?

The eyes are really a reflection of your soul.  We’ve all seen the vanity that happens when a camera is pulled out.  We have this pose, the camera smile, the primping of and straightening of our clothes the smoothing of the hair or the head tilted.   We all do it, but what does the person’s eyes say?

“Come with me and join in this glorious moment captured in time?  ”

“Can we please just get this over with?”

“Look at me, look at me!”

“Again….really….didn’t you just take a photo of me last year at my birthday?”

“Get that out of my face”

“We are obligated…..they’re going to take a million pictures anyway…..just put on your photo smile and let’s get it over with….”

“I’m proud and I know it”

“I’m worth 2 photos….did you take a good one….”

“Thank you!”

“Would you please take our picture?”

“Can I take a picture with you?”

“Let me see, let me see”

I bet you have uttered a few of these.   What’s my point?  The photo represents a snapshot in time into your soul at that moment.  So what are you saying about who you are and what you feel about things?  Are you expressing pure joy?  Or are you expressing consternation at the preservation of a precious moment in time.  Your eyes are a dead give away every time.

Think about a wedding photographer.  Every shot is planned and timed right down to the minute to capture the hundreds of special moments transpiring and captured for the later reliving of a blur in the life of the bride and groom.  Have you seen the hundreds of photos that newlyweds must  pour over in order to choose those precious few?

When you get home tonight instead of breezing right past those photos on your hall wall, take a moment to look at them and reflect and look into the eyes of those you love.   What do you see?



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