Is there a “purpose” to each experience we have?

There are probably valid yes answers and valid no answers to this question depending on your experiences.  HA!

I would venture to guess that every experience has a component of “purpose” to its happening.  The problem is we are so busy in the experience the purpose fails to be obvious to us, unless we are attuned to looking for it or it hits us between the eyes.

Think about your last really tough experience:

What did that experience teach you about yourself?

What did that experience teach you about life?

What did that experience teach you about others?

Now think about your last great experience:

What did you learn about yourself?

What did you learn about life?

What did you learn about others?

You see you do know and isn’t hindsight so helpful in these situations?

What happens to your mindset when you are continually in a stressful, hurtful, negative environment?   Well, pessimism becomes pervasive in all areas of your life and you are poisoned; emotionally, socially, spiritually and mentally. So how do you think you would view your experiences?  Yes, you would view them negatively.

Difficulties come from three places:  1.  our own unpreparedness, 2.  actions of others, and 3.  force major (circumstances beyond our control – like weather for instance).

It is our “re-action” to these which determines our outcome.  It is our “re-action” to our experiences which determine whether we view them in a positive or negative light and if we see a “purpose” or “teaching” in what we experience.

Read these  responses to difficult times and choose one to adopt this week:

1. “….are you kidding me – AGAIN- I can’t seem to catch a break….”

2.  “….that’s the last time I’m going to put up with this nonsense from _______________; I’m getting even!….”

3.   “….nothing ever good happens to me, I’m giving up….”

4.  “…..Look Out – I’m about to learn something and GROW again!”

5.   “…WOW-again_really-I guess I didn’t get the message the first time- now you’ve go my attention…”

We can look at this another way.  Pretend you are somebody else observing your reaction to an experience.  What do you think those around you think when they are observing you during difficult times.

You know our entire lives we serve as role models to those around us and it doesn’t matter what age we are.  Are you a role model or a mess?

When we respond in difficult times with gratitude, thankfulness and the calm focus to press on and forward; others will take notice.  You are living proof of so many things:


being unflappable

grateful for the challenge

growth opportunity




a rock in rough seas


So the next time you have either a good or difficult experience think about what the purpose is, how you react to the situation, and what you are modeling to those silently watching you.




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