Exhausted by the news!

I feel exhausted by the news this past month, these past 7 months and even this past week.  What about you!  It seems that we not only have to worry about our own families, jobs, checkbooks but now the nation’s and what the world view of us (the citizens of the US) is as an entity.   I actually woke up this morning with the content of a letter in my head to write to those people walking around in the glistening white marble that is the Capitol building.   Now that can’t be good and it tells me that my subconscious is working overtime to solve something that is out of my control with the exception of writing a letter to my representative and congressman.

You know all of this mess, and by mess I mean the spending what you do not have is the same in our own daily lives.  If you are drowning and you can’t afford the life you are currently living, how are we any different than the Government of the United States?  Well the answer is that our nation “REFLECTS” the character of its people.  We are seeing ourselves in our leaders.  We are seeing our checkbooks reflected in  our own check book.  Our credit cards are maxed out and so is our national credit card.   That is a sad state of the union and a sad state of our own lives.

It is really time for a reality check here.

You cannot give what you do not have.

You cannot buy things if you do not have the money RIGHT NOW to pay for them.  That “promise” to pay is very weak now that your own job and future is on shaky ground.

In your life and in the life of our country there have been and there will be many, many times when we have had to stop spending altogether.

Who is in charge of your family, your life, your spending, your children, and your future?  My friend that responsibility lies squarely with Y – O – U !

We want to quell the hunger pains, the “I want this or that right now” gremlin screaming on our shoulder, the:  “…the kids need this or that, or deserve this or that….” mentality.  You and your children deserve to be free from this exhausted life we are all trying to lead.   We need a break from digging ourselves deeper into a hole no ladder can reach to the top of.

Summer is almost gone and in the south, school will be starting shortly.   Do not go out and buy new “stuff”!    What’s wrong with last year’s back pack?  Toss it in the laundry and it will be clean for this year!   What’s wrong with the crayons, pencils and pens that are still full of ink, lead and color?  Nothing.  Use them again this year.   I know I still have a bankers box full of spiral notebooks that are 1/2 full of paper from my own children and we still use them in our home.   We as a society are very, very wasteful.   Make do with what you have.   If you do not have the money to buy what ever is on the list; write a note to the teacher and say so.   They cannot throw your child out of school for not bringing the items on the “LIST”!

Let’s get real about what we actually have and what we actually need to start paying off!