“Exceptional Beginnings!”

In our lives we have many, many changes which happening gradually, suddenly, some we are prepared for (like the saying:  “my mama told me this would happen some day….”, and sometimes destruction, loss, and happiness are thrust upon us.

We have all heard the stories about the multi-millionaire lottery winner who blows it all.   You and I have both witnessed world leaders who had “history” thrust upon them and in the moment that the realization sets in on them of the magnitude of the event, their lives change.   We have see the tragic public saga of young and older stars who just do not know what to do with  the fame, , money and popping flashing cameras which haunt their every move.

That’s those people.

What about you?

Every single day you are presented with an “Exceptional Beginning” to make a difference in the lives that you pass through.

When you complete on season of your life, your have an opportunity for another; “Exceptional Beginning” to be something and do something new.

At every new wedding;

At every birth;

At every death;

At every new job;

At every new home;

With each new friendship:…..you have a golden moment to begin an:

“Exceptional Beginning!”

What is your “Exceptional Beginning” today?