Eve’s Volatile Issue #2

Last time we talked about one of Eve’s volatile issues as being the view of “Femininity” which has no concrete definition.  Let’s take this to another issue which all Eve’s struggle with:  Fulfillment outside of herself.  What does that term mean to you?  What does it take for you to feel fulfilled?  From whom do you get that fulfillment?  I have a theory that we each have a language of “fulfillment”.  This is much like the idea of having a “love language”.  We each receive and give “love” differently.  I think the same is true too for fulfillment.

I personally emerged as an “Emerging Eve” during the beginnings of the Feminist Movement in the 70’s.  Yes, I did buy into the thought that I had been gypped my entire life my the male dominated business environment which surrounded me as a young college graduate.  No, I had not been treated badly or experienced sexism in some manner in my fledgling career. 

The next part of this entire discussion is that we are made in such a way as to be almost predetermined for certain activities and jobs if you will in our lives at certain ages and science has proved this correct time and again.  One such example is that of being fertile and being physically, mentally and socially ready to have children.  There is an optimal window of natural opportunity in which this wonderful season of life is at its peak.  This is not meant as a blanket statement about all women globally.  There are of course exceptions.  There is a season in our lives when our attention naturally turns to launching those children into adult life and that requires a different maturity and focus which was not there during the fertile child bearing years.  As we continue to age we go through another season of saying goodbye to those reproductive years and there is another entirely different set of hormones and bodily adjustments which occur just as when all the buttons and chemicals were being turned on in puberty.

We are meant to move through the years and seasons in a  fairly predictable manner.  So where does the dissatisfaction come from  in this pursuit of getting even in the workplace and being treated equal.  Who was it that determined that all females everywhere were dogmatically being treated unequal?  Was it one particular person who had a poor experience by an insensitive, unfeeling individual who did not recognize talent when he saw it right in front of him?  Well if you do your research you can find all these answers out there is history.  I think it is more a question of how you come to the job that is important.  If we come to the workplace daily from a place of lack and injustice, then that is exactly what we will see, hear and experience.

I want to challenge you to expect “Satisfaction & Fulfillment” in every segment of your life from morning to night, and just see what happens.  Are you willing to give it a whirl?  When we see satisfaction and fulfillment then that’s what shows up for us.

Next time Volatile Issue # 3.