What’s Next In The New Year?


Perhaps you are like me in that at the end of this year, you are left shaking your head at what has transpired in your life and around the world. Perhaps you have asked yourself, “What else can possibly happen to destroy our world, our peace, and our lives?”  You’d be right, and right then, the unthinkable happens again and again, and we suddenly feel tears on our cheeks. WHY? HOW?

Where are the answers to today’s life questions?

Those of you reading this blog know and are believers. That is to say, you are saved and acknowledge that Christ is your savior. You then know where the answers are to the interogatives asked above – In Revelations, and all throughout the Bible as prophecies come to pass in our day. 

That realization, begs the question, then, why are we plagued with these atrocities happening around us? I believe it is the shock of seeing God’s plan play out right before our eyes and the realization that time is really short to affect change and bring other lost lambs into eternity by asking the knowing at their hearts’ door.

How do I do that, you may ask?

It is really easy. You don’t have to beat the unbeliever over the head with your Bible. What you need to do is meet them where they are, as if they are toddlers learning to stand, balance, and walk on their own. Tell them, show them, educate them and open your Bible and show them where the truth resides.

For decades, I have posed the questions below to my clients in challenging their thinking and their decision-making in the change they wish to make in their lives. Here in December of 2023, take a moment to see where you want change in your life and simply ask each question about that “change.”  Then, answer and see what you learn. Test what your answer is against scripture and see if your answer is in alignment with God’s word.

What do you believe?

What do you believe about ______________________?

Where did your belief come from?

How do you know your belief about ____________________ is true?

If you didn’t have the belief that____________________, and could change it, what would you change your belief to?

How would this new belief serve your clients, patients, customers, family, friends, community, faith, etc.?

You can change your belief.

What would it take to change your belief?

Who would benefit?

Who would abandon you?

Who is more important to supporting you in your new belief?

If you are ready to make a real change in your life and would like a partner to walk alongside you, send me an email at janice@janicebastanicoaching.com, and in the subject line, write: 

CHANGE 2024.

Happy New Year!