Discovering Eve

Discovering Eve: In the first level “Discovering Eve” we get to know each other and begin to set the tone for the the lessons which follow. We look at some of today’s hot topics and how we are fragmented and driven to distraction and in the malaise we find ourselves unsatisfied, unable to focus and generally searching for more time and help in our lives on a daily basis. Each lesson begins with a core need each Eve faces daily and begins to walk her through the process of discovering what she believes about that need.  There is no judging here we all face these frustrations, disappointments and unmet expectations in one area or another in our lives every day, none of us is immune.  Together we explore what the real question is, what your answer is, how you want to move forward and what is next for you.  There is light on your path, Eve, and together we will walk it.  There are twelve topics to explore in this first level.