Eve….A Journey to Awareness> Growth>Freedom…

OK, you are going to be the first to view the cover of my new book……Are you ready……?

Here it is: 

Awareness > Growth > Freedom

Awareness > Growth > Freedom

So what does this say to you?
Would you pick it up in a book store?
What do you think this book is about?
What do you like about the cover?
What would you change?
What change would make you pick it up and buy it?
Writing a book is a process.  I have learned so much.  When an idea is ready to be “birthed” it flows out effortlessly through the pen/computer.  I am busy writing the support material and I am so excited to get this into your hands. 
Would you do me a huge favor?
Please answer the questions above and add any other comments that you may have about the cover of my new book. 
If you are one of the first 100 women to respond to this post, and your sign in and give your information on this page, I will send you a copy of this book free of charge!  Your friendship, trust and responses are that important to me.
Thank you ahead of time…..you are going to be moved, challenged and excited to take a journey with me.