Evaluating 2016 & Looking Ahead to 2017



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Did you turn your calendar and notice, there are only a few days left in 2016?   Hard to believe how fast a year can go by when you are very busy with business and daily living.  I am wondering how “Intentional” you were in 2016 in your own life?

This year we discussed good intentions, starting small to create something great, finding your own way, putting others first, living and working from your sweet spot, surround yourself with “like-minded” people, living with a sense of anticipation & seizing opportunities.

How did you do with each of these?

Were you stopped even for a moment to ponder what each of these meant in terms of your own life?

Each of has become who we are through a series of choices which are all ours.  Rarely will anyone force you into a decision which is against who you are at your core.  We are the sum total of our choices of a lifetime.  If something has given you grief; then somewhere you made a choice that led to that eventual grief.

I highly encourage you to take some time during the holidays at the close of 2016 and go back over your calendar. This is a highly productive exercise and will show you glaring choices which brought you joy, heartache, financial success and financial loss.

Take an afternoon and find a quiet spot.  Bring some refreshment and your calendar and a pad and pen.  Begin with January 2016 and march through all twelve months in succession.  Ask yourself these simple questions:

  1. In January which of these activities moved the ball forward in my professional life?
  2. In January which of these activities were a waste of my time?
  3. What in January brought me more business, clients, and revenue?
  4. What important family activities did I miss?
  5. How many weekends during this month did I actually take off and just “BE”, have fun, enjoy my family & friends?
  6. If you are in a relationship, ask yourself: How often in this month did I put my relationship first and show the person I love this affection? [Date night, long weekend away, small gift etc.]
  7. During January how often did I make my health a priority?
  8. In the last 30 days how many days were spent in professional growth, personal growth and spiritual growth?

On your pad of paper draw three vertical lines.  At the top of each column write these headings:

Column I   Keep – This simply means, as you look over any given month there will be great things you do need and want to keep in your calendar for 2017.  How do you tell:  if just reading the notation gives you a smile, or hope, it is a keeper!

Column II   Eject –If the notation gives you acid indigestion, lost you money, time, clients or a relationship, then do not allow this “eater” into 2017.

Column III  Calendar  – When you are looking at all the things you “wanted” to do, but something [usually work] caused you to choose, and you took the heat at home, or that disappointment in your child’s eyes, makes you stop; then you know these items must be calendared.  They must be “non-negotiables” and you must be unyielding if you want to build and keep relationships.






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