Driven to Distraction

I was recently on a 12 hour car drive and I had lots of time to “listen and learn” and “GROW”.

Let me ask you to take a good long look at yourself, right now, in this moment.

Shut your eyes and answer this question:  “What’s distracting me?”

In this moment, what is distracting me?

Our brain can only focus on ONE THING at ONE TIME.

We are now built nor wired to “MULTITASK”.  In fact there is no such thing.

Your brain can only focus on one thing at a time.

If you think you are multitasking and you take great pride in that you will not being giving either task or assignment its due attention, because you can’t.

Where is your attention right now?

Where do you need to focus your attention?

What is stopping you?

It is very true that our attention goes where our true interest and heart is.

Don’t believe me?

What are you putting off right now, that really needs your attention?

What would you want to do instead?

That’s what I mean.

Maturity comes at many times in our lives and maturity also matures over time.

We put away childish thinking and behavior because we know some things are our responsibility and we choose to put our attention and efforts into doing that task or thing.

Maturity comes to different people at different times and some keep their heads in the sand their entire life.

I know people like this and so do you.

May I encourage you to step outside of your ego and actually do an inventory of what really needs your attention?

Now take inventory of all the other things that are distracting you.

Did you know that the items that need your attention are actually the very thing that will free you from the burden and stress that the distractions are actually causing?

You see although you think that by doing “something” else that you believe will de-stress you and be “fun”, they are really the very things that are adding stress to your life.

So what’s distracting you?




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