Downward Spiral #4

You are on a roll here and I want to applaud you for stepping up 4 stairs!   Look up again, the light is growing bigger and you are feeling fresh air on your face!

Good for you!

When we start to move forward and upward we begin to feel differently and we begin to hold our bodies differently.    You may have a hard time at first but, it will become easier and easier to do.

If you are ready for the next step in this process of climbing up and out of the downward spiral, I have another interesting accomplishment for you to have today.

Are you up for it?

It involves 10 hangers!

Go to your closet and count out ten hangers, hanging there.

Pull them out and hand them on the door frame there.  Close the closet up.

Take the first hanger and look at what is hanging on it.

Have you worn this piece of clothing in the last year?

No……take it off the hanger and toss it out into the hall where you can’t see it.

If your answer is “Yes”, I have worn it in the past year ask these questions and do the actions:

Take a good look at this piece of clothing:

Does this piece of clothing fit me and flatter my body shape?     No…..toss it in the hall…I don’t care how much it costs or when you bought it, if it no longer fits then it is just adding to your stress!……if the answer is Yes, it fits then move to the next set of questions.

Is it worn, in need of repair or missing anything?     Yes……toss it in the hall with the other items.   No……look at it again….do you love it and wear it often?     No……toss it, Yes, then smooth it out and ask yourself if it brings you happiness when you wear it and you feel good when you wear it and if the answer is still yes, then neatly lay it on your bed.

Continue with this line of questions and answers until you have gone through all 10 hangers.

NOW….go to your closet and push everything to the right and hang your clothing you love there in a place of honor.

Next Saturday, you can do 10 more hangers and continue on every couple of days until you have gone through your whole closet.

OK…..Stop now…..close the closet door.

Go to the hall.

Separate those items into two piles: one pile is to donate (those are the items which are new and don’t fit or are still in good shape) and the other pile is to be tossed.  (NO….they will not make good rags….toss them).

Get yourself two garbage bags and toss the items which are garbage into the dumpster/trash can outside.

Put the other bag of usable clothing into your car.  Make yourself a stickie note to put them into the donation bin at your local grocery store. (These bins are all over your community and you pass by them daily.  You just haven’t noticed them yet.

I know you feel better.