Downward Spiral #3

You have now had a couple of days of walking back up this downward spiral staircase.  We have just begun our upward movement with very small steps (or decisions).  So how are you feeling about your new decision making mindset?  Are you surrounded by family and friends who wonder what is going on with you?   Hey, that’s OK….keep them guessing!

This week you can do some things which will lift you up and they do not involve anyone else in your life, are you game to keep moving forward?

This doesn’t mean that you will give up on those small things you decided to try out last week, we will still be doing those and becoming stronger in our resolve around making those decisions when they are really things that others can do for themselves.  After all these people will not be with you under your roof forever and they need to begin to make their own way in the world even in these small things.  Think of if as “Empowering” your family and friends to grow up and move on to their new lives!  You are a great role model!

OKAY back to you; let’s look at just one thing you can do in a very short time span to make a big difference in your life right now.

I want you to look around where you are right at this minute or think about today when you “opened” something.  Perhaps it was a closet, a drawer, or a cabinet or maybe your purse and you looked at it and felt suddenly heavy, overwhelmed, unable to find whatever it was you were looking for  you know that feeling.

Leave the item “open”, go get a trash can, dump out the contents of the space.   Now wipe it down with a paper towel or a wash cloth or cleaning cloth and look at that clean empty space.

When you look at that empty space what do you see?

What do you feel?

Close the space.

Now look at the pile on the counter where you dumped all those items.

What do you feel?

Touch the items, push them around, feel the heaviness……do you see something there that is trash….toss it in the trash can… that an item which you haven’t used in over a year?…..toss it…..look at that thing over there, I think it expired last fall….toss it…keep doing this until you cull though most of the items in your pile.

Now, start to pick up each item and ask yourself:   “…do I use this on a daily or weekly basis?….”

If you answer yes, then put it back in the space.  If not, then ask one more question:   “….do I really need this, what is the value of my keeping this item in my life?”   If you do not have an immediate answer, then immediately toss it!

Continue on until you have nothing left in your pile.

Wipe down the counter.

Put the trash can away or dump it in your dumpster.

Now how do you feel?