Downward Spiral #2

Last time we talked about one thing you could do which would change your downward momentum to coming back up this spiral downward.

Today we are going to discuss other things you can do to keep on coming up the staircase and out to the fresh air and sunlight so that you can stand erect and tall and take in real life again.  Are you game?

When you look at all the areas of your life, where are you feeling the most heavy, and down trodden?

Okay, so what decision is your “default” when you are faced with the dilemma which sends you flying down that staircase?  How hard would it be to take the other decision?

Granted, we all know that the opposite of your default would mean that you would have to put some additional effort into this new direction and it may even involve some sacrifice on your part, and that would mean that you might have to spend more time on the climbing out than the default of falling down those stairs.

When you make either decision…..which one will leave you feeling better?    Remember that “tired and complete” is better than “beat down and in the downward spiral”.

I get why we go to our default.  It is easy.  We’ve always just done it.  We don’t want to “go there” with someone or something.  We just do not want to draw a line in the sand TODAY……we are tired of this coming up again and again, and again!

The question is how long do you want to keep going down and down and if you look up right at this minute, how big is that circle of light and fresh air right now?

If it is beginning to become smaller and smaller, you are in deeper than you will admit.

Just for today, decide to pull all your strength together and make a decision that will get you on the steps leading up and out of this spiral.  You will feel so much better.

How do I do that Janice?

It isn’t rocket science you know, you just decide “NO” where you have always defaulted with a “YES”.

I can guarantee you will get push back – – so what?  (who is getting the short end of the stick here you or is it time for someone else to step up and take responsibility for their own life?)

I can guarantee you will make someone unhappy – – so what? (again, I say, who else is down there with you in the spiral, is it time for someone else to step up and share the load here?)

I can guarantee you will feel uneasy in this decision, but you will also feel lighter, and shaky in this new decision making mode you are in!

Go for it!   See what can happen!  Don’t bat an eyelash and just ask someone else to do that item for themselves!

Let me know what happened.