Down Time

Hey, get out your calendar, right now and let’s look at all the time you have to enjoy the life you have created for yourself.  What do you see there on your calendar? 

Recently, I was with some people I know who all have a common interest as a group.  We were trying to come up with a plan that involved synchronizing our calendars.  So everyone of us pulled out a different kind of calendar to check our availability.  Here’s what I noticed.

I opened my paper calendar and there was plenty of white space there to say “YES” to a great “Opportunity” that was placed before me.  It had all the ear markings of the type of activity that I love to do and have fun at and learn in.  My friends, however, were scrolling and frowning, and muttering under their breaths and generally frustrated that they really couldn’t tell me if they were going to be able to come or not. 

We have pigeon holed ourselves into a place of miniaturization in such a way that we can’t even get a snapshot of our own big picture at all.  We are so miniaturized that we can only see what that little 2 x 2 screen can show us in 8 point type !

I’ve never seen so much squinting in my life.

Is that the way you like to live?  Down time is HUGE!  We have reached a sad state of affairs when we have to block out our down time.  I am sure that once a long, long time ago that is what a “weekend” was for.  Wasn’t it?   Your weekend was a time to kick off your shoes and have fun and get refreshed and grounded and reconnected to your family and loved ones and to get spiritually renewed and then come back to work on Monday with a clear head and energy for the week ahead. 

I am painting with a very broad brush here, but you get the point.  When we push and push and push, we just keep pumping all sorts of things through our bodies and eventually we have much bigger problems that just a full screen on our blackberry or iphone.  Life is short, plan to have fun!