Double Mindedness

My topic today is "Double Mindedness".  I rarely hear this term spoken about nor debated or trained upon.  Do you know what it is to be "Double Minded"?

Let’s explore this together as to its origins.  This comes from the Greek word translated "double-minded" is "dipsuchos", from dis, meaning "twice" and psuche, meaning "mind."  It is used to describe someone who is divided in his interests or loyalties, wavering, uncertain, two-faced, half-hearted and so on.

Who does this sound like to you?  Come on admit it.  This sounds like everyone you know.  This sounds like every news organization out there feeding the US and the world.  Being "politically correct" is to be "double minded".  This did not happen overnight, did it?  We each embraced it one small bite at a time, one small step.  When we are in a state of overload and do not have the facts, we run on overloaded emotions which are heightened through a state of urgency, limited space or availability, scarcity and basically ignorance.  So we become panicked and decide on a choice or path that proves empty.  This leaves us in a state of perplexed anxiety and we are still empty and wanting.

How do we get into this state and why do we continue to drink from the same well?  As a herd out there in the cities and towns and grassy fields of this great nation we gravitate to those yelling the loudest.  We as a people seem to thrive on HYPE.  We love to read about it in the supermarket tabloid, we love to watch on the entertainment-gossip shows after dinner, we have become a nation of hyped up reality shows where there is no end to the humiliation and hurt that we will put our own families through; and for what?

How will any of that advance your career?  How will any of those programs get you to your own personal goals and dreams?  What are you modeling to your children who are next to you?  If you are hoping that they will have a bright, successful future, they will not catch a vision of that by watching you there on the couch.

Today, while I was out  driving to my business mailbox, I heard someone on the radio talking about; letting someone else "steal" our joy.  That put a thread of a thought together for me in that, we are constantly "FED" what is wrong with us and how to fix that.  We are told what to buy, what to watch, who is powerful at any given moment and it changes hourly, who has the best hair, clothes, skin and on and on. 

I don’t know about you, but when did we the public become stupid?  I personally take great pride in discerning things for myself.  I read, study up on things, I research a product if I am going to make a purchase and so on.  We each need to decide for ourselves what is right for us.  I for one do not let someone else determine my personal state of well-being.

Do not be torn in to by the double mindedness and twists and turns of those around and those you let into your personal gates.  Discern for yourself.  Be clear minded.  Know what you want.  Make decisions from facts and hype.  If you are lucky enough to be turned into that part of your inner self called "intuition" listen to it. 

If you have finished reading this post and you have no idea what you believe in anything; it is time to turn off ALL of the NOISE you are letting into your body and begin to listen to YOU!  It is time to do inner work.  Stop the Double Mindedness and become Single Minded!