Dose This Fit My Image?

I am a founding member and a credentialed coach with the John Maxwell Team and recently I was at a wonderful training where we talked about “IMAGE”.  Our lanyards had “Hold Your Image” printed on them and we had a snow globe with the same logo on it and we discussed it continuously.  Once I got home, I happen to run into a friend of my who is an “Image Specialist” and a thought thread began to form about how we can use this not in just the context of our professional lives but every area of our lives.  I’d like to explore that with you today.

I sat down at my computer and I created a word document in landscape and typed in big black type “Does This Fit My Image”?”  Then I printed it out and laminated it.  I carried it around with me and put it down where ever I was, doing the dishes, folding clothes, in my car, at my desk, in the bathroom, in the closet, you get the idea and what this one sheet of paper with that question  printed on it, completely changed my mindset about my environment.  Every square inch of my environment.

Every time I went to move to another task or room, I had to pick up that laminated sheet and of course I read it and that caused me to evaluate where I had laid it down.  In the case of my work desk, I looked around and asked:  “Does this desk, and office look the way I want to present myself to the world?”   The answer spurred me into action.

The dishes were done and I went to pick up the laminated question and again the thing convicted me to act:  “does my kitchen reflect who I want my image to be?”  More cleaning was needed.

The biggest change happened on day as I thinking about a big move which was coming up and I had decided I must lighten the poundage with regard to the moving company.   I took that question into my closet and taped it to the wall.  FOURTEEN garbage bags latter, my closet had receive a real lightening.  I had clothes in there I hadn’t worn in years and had no clue I was drowning in empty hangers!  Next weekend I will tape the question to my shoes and see what happens.

I would like to challenge you to print out your own question: “Does This Fit My Image” and make several copies and put them where you feel challenged in some way.     Then see what happens.  Tell me, I’d love to know.

What about in your car?

What about taped to your garage?

What about your clothes closet?

What about you office desk?

What about your handbag?

What about your filing system?

What about your bathroom towel closet?

What about your family’s medical cabinet?

What about your pantry?

What about your front door?

What about your bills?

The list could go on and on.

What about your speech?

What about your thoughts?

What about your behavior?

What about asking this question in each area of your life?



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