Do You Hear Me Am I Of Any Value?

This past week there was another suicide of a college student on a college campus.  It is important for all of us to actually have a stand on all of these issues.

What I have found repeatedly with my own clients, people I met at all types of events and in social situations is that everyone has an “OPINION”, but no one seems to know exactly what they actually believe, where those beliefs come from, where or what they are based on (such as fact, perception, gossip, media hype, facebook, modeling, real life experiences or what?)

It is also my experience that every single person here on earth wants to be “Valued and Heard”!

We a person repeatedly tells you the same story over and over, it is because they do not feel heard.

At the heart of each of us is a huge black hole.

With each experience in our lives that does not lift us up, but rather hurts us or leaves us wanting, or unfulfilled, disappointed or not heard a  little chip is taken out of our own self worth.

Over a lifetime (even a short 18 years) that hole is huge.

When we can no longer see any hope of value or of being heard, horrible things begin to take place.

I hear you.

I see you.

I care about you.

You are worthy.

You are not alone.

Your are loved.

I reach my hand down to lift you up.

Will you grab hold?