Do It Now!

“Do It Now!” is the battle cry for all of the advertisements that we see and hear in the world today.    This message is the loud scream we hear in the written word we now use to communicate through texting and email.  There is an implied undertone, that if you do not do this “thing” right this moment something terrible will happen to you.  What do you do when you are prompted? 

If you are like most of us you go right into what is called “default mode”. You do whatever it is that you do when your trigger goes off and you react exactly the way that you have acted a thousand times before. 

This default my be to run and buy, be or do; or your default may be to run away and hide.  Both of these reactions are driven by “fear”.  Fear of not being up-to-date, modern, following the trend, the status of your peers and so on.  Fear of not measuring up, failing, looking pathetic, falling flat on your face, the appearance of being weak and so on. 

As women when we get stuck right here in this place we loose our confidence, we dive deeper into, “doing for others and not ourselves”, we create a hole inside of us which grows bigger each time one of these decisions is presented.

You are stronger than you know.  You have what it takes to decide and love your decision and not to be ruled by the dictates of others.  You are good at being you. Make no apologies for who you are and you do not have to explain every decision you make to justify anything to anyone.  We are caught up in “judging” everyone and everything and every act that happens.  That is not your job.

You can give a gift of “life and release” to yourself.  By deciding to take a step right now.  The longer you wait the bigger the fear grows and you will eventually become paralyzed unable to make any decision.  Give your self the gift. 

The gift is the realization that:  “I Can”, “I Do” and “I Did”.  These three represent a process of the awareness that I am capable and I Can make a change, the growth in all of this is that I Do it and am able to work through and make positive changes and then you have the freedom that “I Did” make this change, work through this process and have now freed myself  “TO BE”.

My new book groundbreaking book is coming soon.  In the text, I explore the 8 “Archetypes” of a woman, offering awareness, growth and freedom from the fear and frustration most women struggle with all of their lives.  Watch for the free assessment coming soon to this blog page.

What is your biggest fear?