Distracted and Unfocused

I recently attended a Napoleon Hill event  and was convicted by those in attendance that I had not read my copy of “Think and Grow Rich” , written by Hill in 1938, in some time and the new book “Outwitting The Devil” which was written one year after “Think and Grow Rich” in 1939 was kept out of the public domain for some 75 years because of the impact it would have on society.  It always intrigues me how my line of thinking and clarity of process and thought align with another human being who died many years ago and how the same issues still plague us today as in the great depression.  We may call them something else and we may think they are from someplace else but they are not.  We are still plagued by the same things with new names from new sources torturing us and pushing all our buttons keeping us distracted, off course, unfocused, hearing only noise when we wish for silence.

Napoleon Hill has an imaginary conversation with the devil in his book “Outwitting The Devil” or perhaps it was real in Hill’s mind, but the premise laid out is very real.  We are in a constant state of upheaval of one sort or another.  We are in a race for the unreachable.  We are looking and searching for the answers when perhaps, we aren’t meant to have all the answers to all the questions that present themselves to us daily.  If we do not have the clarity of focus in our lives we “drift”, and this makes each of us a prime target for those things which become the challenges we try desperately to overcome.  The further we drift the deeper we become entrenched in the habit.  When we are adrift we begin to see danger everywhere and “fear” grips every corner of our lives.  Living from a place of “fear” is not living.  Everyday we must get up and have a plan and live “on purpose” for something, someone, a goal, a vision, something that keeps us on course and does not allow us to drift.  Too many of us are looking for the easy way out.  We are looking to “coast”.  Coasting leads to  your demise.  If you don’t believe me look around at those you know or used to know perhaps in High School or College.  Where are they?  What are they doing?  Those who are focused are moving forward.  Those who wanted to get it easy, fast without much work and coast are no where.

There is a rhythm to our lives just as there is in nature.  We are part of this natural rhythm.  We can live our lives in a negative manner day in and day out or we can strive to stay on the positive side of life.  Yes, it takes work.  It is much like smiling.  Which takes more muscles do you think:  smiling or frowning?  Well, it’s frowning and which one do you see most often?    When we wake up in the morning and when we go to bed at night we need to be thankful for what we do have and what we have been blessed with.  Did you ever think about your worthiness for the things that you do possess and your ability to take care of those things which have been entrusted to your care?  Next time you are complaining about something your already have and want something new, think about how you have handled what you do have.

You know it is important for each of us to read and to become independent thinkers who know how to process and discern fact from fiction.  One book a week of timeless principles is about what the average person can handle.  Yes, you do have time, if you become focused and determined.  To become a “master at anything takes a lifetime of repetition.  Wisdom shows up later in life after experience has craved lines in your face.




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