Design Your Life

Here is a fact:  we either design our lives, or someone else will.  Which of the two choices would you choose?  No matter where you are in life, you can choose to design your life differently if you really want to.  In order to look at this more deeply, let’s take a look at your calendar over the past few months or better yet, your calendar from last year.

Look at every day, as you turn the page or virtually open up each day, evaluate how much time you spent in meetings, and appointments.  Determine if those items moved you forward or to eliminate them.  Next look at how much time you spent on particular tasks that could be better suited to someone else and delegate those moving forward.  What about “family time”?  Are you missing out on important events that you can never get back?  If that is the case, build in those family moments as non-negotiables.  Most of the people on earth, simply wake up and let life happen to them with no forethought of designing their day much less their lives.

Life is really simple; we are the ones who make it complicated.  Your values determine your decisions, and your decisions are based on your values.  Managing those decisions on a day-to-day basis becomes your marching orders.

If you are a leader of a team or the leader of a business; you might want to consider these three questions when designing strategy for developing leaders:

  1. Can it be received personally? It must be internalized and transform the soul of the leader.
  2. Can it be repeated easily? Again, simplistic, it must be passed on after only a brief encounter.
  3. Can it be transferred strategically? To be universal in scope, it must be passed on globally to all cultural contexts.

Designing your life is more important than designing your career.  You may not agree with that statement, and the longer you live, the truer this statement is.  Ask yourself this tomorrow morning:  “What is the main event today?”  What is your WIN for today?  To answer these questions, you must have strategies and systems from which to draw.  Michael Gerber, the author of The E-Myth, said:  “systems permit ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results.”  Systems leverage your time, money and abilities. With these two things, every situation in life must be tackled from scratch.

How do you apply what you have just read?  Take some time and strategically plan the areas in your life. [Career, Faith, Family, Health, Hobby, Marriage, Finances, Vacation and so on]  If they are not where you would like them to be, then that is your clue to be more strategic.




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