Decision Preparedness

We are in a time of mantel displacement, you know earthquakes all around us and we are impacted by all of these geological events because we as a human race are so interconnected and we depend on all of the moving parts which are the arms and legs and brains and muscles of the business of doing business with everyone else on earth.

When one piece moves the other pieces move.

When one limb becomes injured the other limbs have sympathy pains, compensate for the injured limb and then over time that limb becomes out of whack in the business skeleton.  If you’ve ever have a sprain or a break in your body, you know exactly what I am talking about.

How prepared are you if something should occur in your area?

Waiting, ignoring or just plain keeping busy is a “fools” answer.

If you want to be a great role model, and educate your children all at the same time, give the project to them with a reward at the end of the challenge.

First:  Have them use the resources at hand to find out what might happen in your area, (ie:  flooding, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, volcanic activity, severe thunderstorms, high tide, snow, or whatever it is).

Second:  Have them find out what your family would need to survive for 1 week without access to food, water, electricity, heat, no use of your car or public transportation and perhaps a home which you cannot stay in.

Third:   What is your family’s plan if you are separated during one of these events?  What is your plan to reconnect?

Fourth:  What assumptions do you have that may not be true?   For instance, let’s say you all think you can text or call each other, what if your cell phone or computer does not work, now what are you going to do?

Fifth:    Have your children write up a “Plan of Action and Report” about their findings.

Sixth:   Have a family meeting and discuss their findings.  Make some decisions as a family.  Let every one’s voice be heard, even the smallest one.  Why?  because this is where some of the best simplest ideas come from and you will get to know what your child’s greatest fears are around these idea of challenge.

Seventh:  Make a final plan, post it, get your survival items together as a family and work your plan.

You will find that your children will have “complete buy-in” because they helped and did the research.  Make it an annual event.   It’s a good idea to remind them about the specifics every month or so or when something happens around you, in your state or globally.

We aren’t talking about injecting “fear” we are talking about “equipping”!



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