Decision Paralyzation Part 3

Where are you in this process of making that decision that has kept you up all these nights?

Let me explain why this process works.

By completing each of these steps, you are “releasing” a little bit of the tension, anxiety, and worry that  pushes you to a “Bad Decision” and you regret your decision, you stew over it, it beat yourself up and the insane cycle begins all over again.  That is a crazy, non-productive way to live.  And it really isn’t living, it’s existing.

I understand that not every decision can be drawn out over a period of time, but you do it anyway.  See the statement just before this.   You are in a downward spiral.

When you have a decision to make in a short amount of time, you can do this process over a couple of hours, and as you become proficient, you can do it in your head.  This takes practice.

Here is an example of what I’m talking about.  It may see absurd but, go with me on this.

You meet friends for coffee.

You are standing in the line to order and the possible combination’s are in the tens of thousands.

You are busy talking and suddenly the moment is upon you.

You freeze and your eyes dart over the staggering choices.

That’s what I’m talking about.

You might just default to;  “small coffee black, thank you.”

That’s what being paralyzed  feels like.

You really don’t even need a shot of caffeine to get to that buzzed state of calm!

I have coached many clients in this exact situation.  There are many techniques for decision making and one will work for you.

What questions do you have for me?



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