Decision Paralyzation Part 2

Last time, I asked you to do something when you are in “Decision Paralyzation”.  (And yes, I made up that word for a reason).

How was this exercise for you?

Okay so today, I encourage you to just let things rest.

Tomorrow, do the same thing again.  Make yourself a brown bag lunch and take your list and put them in the back seat of your car (or where ever and go there for lunch).

Look at the list.   What strikes you now?

What clarity do you have now that you have distanced yourself from the emotional turmoil of the moment?

You may now be able to make a decision.

If you cannot, this is your next step.  Think about how each column will impact every area of your life.

You can do this by turning the paper over and listing all the areas of your life at the top.

Use your fold to put the two headers of “Yes” and “No” on either side of the fold.

Now take each area of your life and write one sentence of “impact” to that area if you decide “yes”, “no”.

Go with the first thing that comes to your mind.

If you have no impact, write “no impact”.

Now, I know you are really uncomfortable with this next step, however, it is very important; put your list away for another time of rest.

Repeat the process, let a day or two go by and now go to a new place with your brown bag lunch and get out your list and draw a line through all the areas of your life where you cannot find a “truth” about what you wrote.

I can hear you now, “Why, Why, Why.”  That is precisely the reason.

It is my experience that we as a nation are “reactors” to the things around us.

We do not stop to “THINK”.   We just react.

“The ability to ask the right question is more than half the battle of finding the right answer.”  Thomas J. Watson

Let’s put this in light of what’s happening in your life right now.

“The ability to critically think about the outcomes of your decision making process is more than half the battle of deciding.”  Janice Bastani

Have you made your decision yet?

Let me know.



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