Deciding To Decide

Have you ever felt this way:   you need to make a decision and you will do everything in your power to delay even thinking about making a decision around a particular event, date to do something, ending something, starting something or doing something specific.

What is that about?

What is it that drives us to think that making a decision will somehow impact us in a negative way?

Here’s what I think are the answers to these two questions:  It is all about “RESPONSIBILITY”.  Somehow if we delay making the decision(s) then we are not taking responsibility for the decision.

It is my experience in more than 2,500 coaching sessions that as a society we have abdicated taking responsibility by making NO DECISION.  I have news for you; by thinking that I will make no decision at all at this time on whatever, you ARE making a decision.  You are deciding NO.

There is a second part to the answers to the two questions above.

No matter what your decision is you are 100% responsible for any decision you make and all the consequences both positive and negative!

Grow up! You are no longer a child.  You are an adult!  Once you cross the age of accountability you are 100% RESPONSIBLE!

One more thought I would like to leave with you is this:  YOU ARE MODELING THIS BEHAVIOR to all those that are around you and in your life.  You are modeling “non-responsibility”, not taking 100% responsibility, and making decisions in a timely manner and using critical thinking skills to you spouse, children, neighbors, co-workers, friends, siblings, family and so on.

I encourage you to start today to take 100% responsibility for all of your decisions.