December 31st – Tomorrow Is A New Beginning!

Do you know what this is a depiction of?

This is a “Roman god” by the name of “Janus”.    He is depicted here facing forward and at the same time looking backward.

Curious, don’t you think?  He is also the person for whom “January” came from.

So how is this depiction of a Roman god like today?

Well, it is obvious, this is the night more specifically that we all take that long, long look back over the last year and we usually either smile immediately or down another glass of whatever we’re drinking and say “ugh” I just want this year to be over and a whole new one to begin.

Every day of our lives we have the choice and indeed the privilege to see the good from the past 365 days or we can dwell in the negative of the last 365 days.

What will you choose?  If you are still alive to celebrate and raise your glass, then you have MUCH TO CELEBRATE!