Day In & Day Out

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night, when do you read what matters to you?  I am just like you.  I have a job.  I have a packed schedule.  I have a “to-do” list for myself, my home, my family, my business, and the other “catch all to do list”.  I look out side my window and long to be out there in the fresh air and in the sunshine and looking at the blooming flowers in my garden and see the fresh new green that is making its debut on everything that is alive.

BUT…….I am somewhere else…..our energy goes where our attention is.  Where is your attention today?

In January, I made a commitment with myself to do a certain 4 things every single morning before I started my business day.  I have faithfully kept 3 of the 4.  The fourth one is exercise and that room has no windows and I would rather be outside.  I made a commitment to myself that these four items are my top priorities. (Period).  

As a woman in business, as a woman with a family, as a woman who has a lot of responsibilities on her plate, where is your energy, time and talent going every day?

I once did this exercise with a group of people in a seminar I held; I handed out paper plates, a ruler and a pencil.  I asked the attendees to take the ruler and draw a line right down the center of the plate.  Then right across the middle horizontally.  Then 2 to 8, 10 to 4 and so on until they had 24 slices which represented all 24 hours in the day.

The easiest way to start is with sleep.  So I asked them to shade the number of hours they usually slept, and indicate that shaded area as “sleep” .  Then we took the next chunk of time, such as commuting and used a different shading technique to indicate that.  We did this for all the segments of their lives. 

I had them turn over the plate and write down the most important things in their lives that they “wanted” to spend time on.  Then I instructed them to turn the plate back over and see if any of those items where shaded in.  What do you think they found out?

You can do this too, you can draw a circle on a piece of paper and do this same exercise.

Where is your attention and your time going?

Next time more on where to focus.