Day In & Day Out Day 3

Hello again, and it is a new week!  We have another chance to make it a great one!  We have another chance to erase our 24 hour paper clock and start again anew and refreshed. 

I am wondering, did any of the dots begin to connect for you from doing those two exercises last  week with our pretend clock in your paper life?

Just like with everything else in life we have to make choices.  Our choices reflect our priorities.

Please read that again.  Our Choices Reflect Our Priorities!  What are your priorities today?

It is my experience that when we neglect certain “want tos” in our lives we begin to develop a “hole” inside of our soul.  A hole in that very deepest part of us. 

Close you eyes and answer this question:  “What do I ache for?”

Do that now?  “What do I ache for?”

That’s what you priority is right now.  How can you fill that hole in your schedule TODAY?

Would you do me a huge favor?  Comment here on this blog and tell me three things.

1.   What the hole is?  “name it”

2.  What I did to fill the ache.

3.  How I felt after I did the thing.

Do you know that you can really raise your positive attitude and outlook in life if you do this every day?

I want to hear from you.