Credibility & Honesty

Recently a famous couple who have a large family came to the hard cold reality that although they had a large family, the cost to just keep that family together and living below the poverty line was taking a toll.  A toll on the marriage, the health and well being of the children, and the family a whole.  Now I don’t know how this couple came to the decision to become a “reality” show but, they decided that this income stream would solve their problems and that they could fill their own hole of needing attention by going this route.  Well you know what happened.  Instead of providing (which was their initial intent), their lives, their marriage, and their family became the center of a media circus.  This downward spiral to date does not have a happy ending and everyone has suffered and in my opinion lost out on what was a joyful family.  Yes, they had tough times, but who doesn’t.  Yes, there are solutions, but critical thinking is need to see further down that road to see what might play out.

There a thousands of example of lives ruined, careers laid waste, unfulfilled needs, unmet expectations all at the expense of ratings and publication sales from which this couple could have easily seen.  Each of us makes choices everyday of our lives.  Perhaps they aren’t as dramatic as the couple above but they are impactful to you and your family.

Knowing what might lie ahead in a decision you will make today, how might you discern your choice and make your decision in light of your own bigger picture?