“Created for a Purpose” – 16 Days Left in 2010

Here we are at 16 days left in 2010 and I want you to know that you were created for a purpose.

What is your purpose?

Some of us find our purpose in life early.

Others of us find our purpose in life late.

When you here a phrase like:  “…that person was born to ……..”   It is an obvious purpose.  And yet sometimes everyone around the person can see it, except for the person.

It is not seen by the person born to do whatever it is, because it is so effortless for the person and they do it with such precision, grace and ease that their perception of purpose might be that this talent has to be “hard”, “hard fought”, a test of endurance, strength or some other adjective.

Think about a time when someone said those words to you.

What did they say that you are good at?

How often do you do that specific thing?

Do you like doing that specific thing?

I suggest that that thing, might just be your purpose.

How can you use your purpose in life to help someone else today?