Crashing Storms of Life


When was the last time you were at the beach and walking in the gentle surf only to be caught off guard and found yourself on the sand with a wave crashing down upon you? I know when this happens to me, I seem to flounder trying to regain my footing with the tide taking the sand out from underneath my feet and becoming upright again.

Life is like this so often and how we prepare ourselves is how we stay grounded and on a certain footing.  That is what I would like to discuss with you this month. The following three topics come to mind from several worship services I have attended this past year in 2024, Isolation, Challenges, and Miracles. Let’s get started.

Isolation – What is Isolation? Everyone on the planet knows this answer due to COVID 19 and the global lockdown where literally every human being was essentially in isolation for a year.  But it is more than mere isolation, it is an open door for Satan to march into our lives and create doubt, anxiety, depression,manipulation of our thoughts and habits and much more.

Who do you know who is still in “Self-Isolation” that needs a wake-up call? I know we all know someone. In the book of Acts in the New Testament, it tells us that we NEED other people. God created us for relationship- He did not create us to be in isolation alone. In isolation, Satan sits with you. You will begin to be cynical, negative and “NO” is the first answer out of your mouth to any question which is asked of you. 

Isolation Solution! 

  1. Start Prayingwhen you wake up in the morning – pray and be thankful for sleep, restorative rest, a place to live, a place where you are cared for, how much my family loves me and prays for me.

Today, Lord, order my steps.

What do you want me to do today?

Lord, give me discernment, wisdom, energy, and positive words from my mouth to others with a smile.

In Christ’s Name,


  1. Listen to Praise Music while you dress, drive to work, or prepare for your day.
  2. Pray at all three of your meals.
  3. Pray at bedtime.

Challenges – Just like the disciples in the New Testament, we have the same challenges in our own circumstances. It looks like this:  A success is followed by a challenge, disappointment, or failure. Peter and John were jailed repeatedly even after 3,000 people were saved.  Ordinary people in Jesus’s time defied the mighty, powerful, and continued to preach the message of Jesus. They were raising up mighty warriors of God to spread the gospel.

Who are you raising up? Those little ones around you are like little lambs. Raise them to love Jesus. Yes, you can be locked up today for speaking your mind, protecting your kids from sinful bad ideas and practices constantly trying to silence your voice and taking away the raising of your children, stand firm, speak up.

Challenges Solution! 

1 Pray God’s message.

2 Pray God’s promises.

3 Share His message wherever you go and be a model of Christ Centered Living

Pray this:  Lord, Open the door where Satan has closed it and send me forth with power, wisdom, and joy from Jesus for I am fully equipped! I stand on the promises in your word Lord.

In Christ’s Name,


Miracles In the New Testament book of Acts we begin to read about miracles performed by the disciples. What you need to know is that there is a process when a miracle happens. Let us talk about it here.

Miracles Do Happen!

  1. God Acts: We serve a God who is active. God is not passive. God is always at work behind the scenes 24-7-365 in our lives and in the world. Join God where He is at work.
  2. We Obey: Love everyone. Even those who are against you. Remember God loves the save and the unsaved the same. We tend to forget this point! When we obey God, “transformation” can occur. Do not hesitate when God prompts you through the Holy Spirit. Do not judge the other person. Judgement of all is only reserved for God on the day of Judgement.
  3. Crowds Respond: People respond when you act. Do not be surprised when those you thought would be on board – resist you. Some are not going to ever get on board and be saved and that is their decision, even if it results in an eternity in hell.
  4. God’s Kingdom will continue to advance: God’s kingdom will continue when we double down. Do not get confused here.  Do not replace the issues of the day ahead of the kingdom of God work. Do you trust God enough to take care of you and your family during these turbulent times in American history?

Here are your marching orders:  Remember these:

God says to you:  I see you.

God says to you:  I love you.

God says to you:  I am at work.

Stay focused where I have placed you for such a time as this. I am with you forever and into eternity.

Tell me what you think. I would love to hear from you!
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