Contentment vs Crisis

The week has just started and I am sure that you will have some crisis this week.

What is your crisis today?

What is the disposition of your on going crisis?  We all have these.  Maybe it is a leaky faucet which keeps you up at night and you do not have the equipment or expertise to fix it.  Perhaps it is a teen who is really testing you and the boundaries which are set forth for him or her and it keeps you always on a state of alert.  Overdue bills laying on the kitchen table and a voice mail full of call from those creditors?  Maybe, it is a spouse who drinks too much and is drowning his/her troubles in a never ending glass for several hours each night.  Is you job keeping you from your family duties and jeopardizing your relationships at home?  Maybe your lawn is calf high and no one is around long enough during daylight hours to mow it.  It really doesn’t matter what the crisis is.  We all have them and they are equal in their effect on us, our families and our health.

Where in your life are you “content”?

Imagine a life where you had more contentment than crisis.  What would that look like?  What weight would be off of your back?

Ready for a challenge?

I challenge you to walk away from your most painful, life sucking, burdening daily crisis.

Let’s say you’re a mega volunteer for your child’s school or sports group.  You’ve never seen a need that you weren’t perfectly suited for.

You see, you raise your hand and you conquer!  Then it is all over and you turn back to your duties at home, only to find your neglected family standing there like deer in the headlights, your home is a mess, and the cupboard is bare not to mention the soured milk in the frig.

Guess what?  If you never went to that initial meeting, where you raised your hand, someone else would have raised their hand and the volunteer job would have been completed.  I know you have a deep seeded need to please and to fill fulfilled and that is normal and you can do things.  The real contentment comes from only doing  one or two, not every single thing they need.

What is your primary responsibility?

I had this come home to me loud and clear when one of my own children told me:  “…..Mom, I don’t need you to be involved in everything at my school!…..”    WOW!   You know, I could have taken that many ways and been demoralized, but I felt utter FREEDOM at being release from things that I no longer enjoyed, even though I could do them in my sleep.   I was thrilled!!   And you know what?   That child was absolutely right, she no longer need me to be a buffer.

What is your crisis today?



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