Connecting The Dots

This is our final post about the “Tree” metaphor and your life.  I want to summarize what we have discussed over the past few weeks and see where you are in your own knowledge of this topic.

A tree is much like your own life.  Both the tree and you have a deep taproot which is the anchor.  Next both have a substantial root system which is wider than the height of you or the tree.  The trunk must be strong.  The surrounding environment must be weed free from maximum growth.  The branches must be regularly pruned in order to produce wonderful and plentiful fruit.  Finally the tree and you need a “Pollinator”.  That is the one thing that both need in order to produce fruit.

We each are bearing fruit in the workplace.  What is the quality of your fruit in your own business?  If you stopped right now and graded the fruit what would you give yourself?

We are each bearing fruit in our homes.  What is the quality of the fruit you are turning out in your own home?  If you stopped right now and graded the fruit for its quality, what grade would you give?

If you cannot give yourself an “A” in all areas, then your tree is sick and endanger of getting diseased, slowing its growth, and producing no fruit and weakened so that it may not survive  the harsh storms which are on the horizon during this next season of your life.

What will you do?