Confused Decisions

Everyday I get emails from clients, friends, peers and strangers asking me about decision making, even though by the end of the communication they have made a confused decision.

Here’s what I mean.

The writer starts off with “The Dilemma”, the problem or decision that they have to make.

Then it seems that they know what the most plausible decision is for them, but they do not want the outcome or they don’t want to go through what they must do to get it so; they start creating a “Story” that makes more sense to them on how to get to the decision they want without having to go through the rough water.

Pretty soon they have a tangled mess.

Over time these individuals create a story or an agreement with themselves about how they will decide things in this particular area when they need to make a decision.  I have seen this so many time, it is now like a big brass clanging bell in front of me.

What do you think the results are for this type of decision making?

When I have seen this in action along with others in a group, the ones watching this charade play out in front of them, cock their heads, shake their heads and frown at the sheer absurdity of the spectacle.  The person telling “the story” has told it so many times, they actually believe what they are saying is logical and true and right for them.

The rest of the world who see the confused mess of a decision for what it is walks away in disbelief.

You may have surmised that these individuals never achieve what they are hoping for in the decision outcome.  How can they?

What would you tell your friend in this spot?



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