Concealing Femininity in Business

When I go out shopping, I see mostly women shopping at a break neck speed to get the best that their budgets have to spend and what the stores have to offer.

We take advantage of the “makeovers” and specials at the makeup counter.

We do our nails, get our hair colored and cut just so.

We look at magazines, Internet sites, television shows which feature fashion and what the starlets are wearing or the movers and shakers are wearing and try to emulate that look so that in some way we might also be living that same look, dream or lifestyle.

If we are trying to fit in and blend, why do we go to such lengths.

We see business suits which are basically a “man’s suit” scaled down to a woman’s size and unless you can afford to have a suit made for you, you are stuck with those drab lifeless colors.  We try to incorporate our “feminine” side in the jewelry, the shoe, the handbag, computer case or blouse.

As women we look uncomfortable, we do not move well in this male styled clothing and for all intense and purposes we are making ourselves blend in with the boring suits of grey, black and navy.

Unlike the males which are colorful and strut around in nature, the female in the human species is the one who gets the looks.

Time after time I have been in an airport waiting to board a plane and off come the inbound flight of road warriors.

Recently as they all filed off, I had to shake my head to make sure I was seeing correctly.

Person after person filed out of the jet-way and they all looked the same.  Male, Female, it didn’t matter.

Each has the same type and color of clothing, the same wheelie bag, the same rolling computer case.

They each looked rumped, tired, and in a hurry to get some where.

We have to grow into our confidence as a woman.

Yes, there are things which are not appropriate at the office, but stuffing yourself into an ill fitting dull business suit is not one of them.

We are not meant to “BLEND IN”.

We do not rise to the top with runway shoulder pads and business suits.

We get there by being who we really are and what is inside our heads and how we behave.

We earn their respect.

A recent article interviewed Ivanka Trump.  She said:  “I never mind when somebody underestimates me, I joke about this with my father…when they meet with Donald Trump they come fully armed, whereas with me they are less likely to be prepared.  That’s an advantage for me.”

We are each born with certain instincts, use those to your advantage.

Be who you really are and be proud of your femininity.