Complexity is the “New Normal”

Christine Riordan wrote an article about the “6 Elements of Mental Toughness” which appeared online at

She asked 1,500 CEO’s what they saw as the biggest challenge for business today.  Their response was:  “the escalation of complexity”.


I wasn’t, however the term was the surprise for me.

I feel like everyday is more and more complex.  It’s like when a software company send you an email that they have improved or

simplified something that you use.  If you are live me you find they have made it more “complex”!

If you are like me, you find that your capacity to change a number of times in one year you feel a sense of overwhelm.

Just when you felt like you have a hold on a skill and are comfortable… changes and you go back to square one.

How can we be “game ready” to perform in our jobs and at home with this accelerations of complexity coming aqt us seemingly 24/7?

I believe it all comes down to us knowing the answers to 2 questions:

1.  What do  I believe?

2.  Why do I believe that?

This is not a question about your religious beliefs.  It’s about knowing for sure what you believe about your very foundational core of what makes up who you are.

Let me explain.   Let’s take an area of your life which is very important to you:.  “You Money”.

So, let me  ask you,  What do you believe about money?”

Why do you believe that?

Your answers to these two questions have a direct  affect on how much is in your bank account!

More next time.