Circle of Care

Who is in your “Circle of Care”?  You may ask yourself, “What is a “Circle of Care”?”  Well, I do not know that I have heard it mentioned anywhere in my wanderings, nor do I remember reading about it someplace, but here’s what it is to me:  “My Circle of Care” is a group of people who are very close to me that I can ask, say, or do anything and they will be there for me.  That my friend is a huge gift.  I will give you an example.  I once had a huge medical emergency.  The kind where you immediately are taken to the hospital and they do surgery on you and you are there for weeks and then a long recovery period.  What would you do if that happened to you this morning at 10:30 am.  What were you in the middle of?  Who would you call?

I placed two calls and then went to the hospital and 4 1/2 months later I was up and around again resuming my life.  The details are not important here.  The Who(s) are important.  These events happen to all of us at one point or another in our lives and we need to be prepared in order to make one or two calls and let our “Circle of Care” take over and release all the worrying about our jobs, family and finances to others.

So Who is in your “Circle of Care”?   You know this same circle is made up of very close friends and family members who love and care for us very much.  They are the ones we cry with, confide in, help out, babysit for, car pool with, and so on…. 

You can make it a formal thing and exchange information, or you can just be very casual about it.  The thing that you have to do is to “TELL” them that you want them to be in your “Circle of Care” and that you will be in their  “Circle of Care”. 

This type of group has always been around especially in organized religious circles.  People helping out, running errands, fixing meals, hospital visitations and so on.  If you have a longing to help others this might be a place where you can gain tremendous fulfillment by helping others.