Choices & Changes

Do these two words make you bristle?

Many of you out there do not like to make choices.   It is so much easier to just touch an image and the choice is complete.

Many of you out there do not like change in any form.  It is so much more comfortable to stay with what you know.

Why do you think that most of us, have this mindset about choice and change?

Tomorrow is election day and it is all about choice and change….right?

You plan to go to your local voting center and when you will do that and you might even throw in the flier that came in the mail about your local elections.

When life in one are or many areas hurts so bad that to stay there is worse than life itself …..we change.  It is like we are that frog thrown into the pot of cool water and the heat is slowing raised.

We as a people love outcomes and results.   In sporting events we are very vocal about our team and how they are doing and some folks will go to the grave still believing that their team is “#1” and no one, not even the stats will convince them otherwise.

As I have coached men, women, teens, young adults and others the thing that is starring them in the face is the real hurdle.    That is:  “PROCESS”.  They do not know what it is or how to work it.  Frustration grows.  They know something is missing, but they do not know what.  They don’t know where to find out either and this leads to more frustration.

In order to move out of the circle; we must stop, look through a new perspective, change out final outcome and then put ourselves in motion one small decision at a time so that we are not jolted from our present to a state of confusion and disappointment.

What are you “sick and tired of” right now?

What area of your life is all out of whack?

That’s where you start!