Celebrate You

January is half over how are you doing?  When I ask this question if you go directly to the negative, complaining, not so good story which is your default, then this post is for you!

Do you have any idea why we as human go to that deep dark place which is our “suffering self”?  I know from my training in several areas of expertise that this negative area is where most of us dwell day in and day out.  Do you like being in this place?  Well, we know the answer is NO!  And what if I told you it take less effort to be on the “Celebration” side of life than the woe is me side would you want to switch?  Of course you would!

A long time ago, some who loves me once asked me; “….what wrong?….”  “Why”, I replied.  “Well you don’t laugh or smile much these days.”    Does this ever happen to you?  Well my loved one was right.  I have no idea what was going on in my life but, I let myself slip into that place of suffering.  Not long after that, I saw a scientific report on a new channel about smiling and frowning.  Here’s the interesting thing; did you know it take less muscles to wear a smile than to wear a frown?  I thought “WOW”, then I tried it.  What do you think happened?  Was it truly easier to smile or for me to frown?

It was “Frown”.   Why do you think?  After I pondered this throughout that day, it suddenly dawned on me.  These are facial muscles right?  So if a muscle behaves like any other muscle in our  bodies then the muscle that is used the most frequently is easily moved and manipulated.  It’s like lifting weights.  After a while the weight you have been lifting for the past two weeks is no longer a challenge you need to move to a different weight in order to make a difference.  The same with frowning.  When I smiled it felt like lifting 15 more pounds.  Those smiling muscles had not been used in so long they fatigued fast!

So, my challenge for you today is to start “SMILING”:-D big time and exercise that beautiful smile.  If you wear a smile all day long and look people in the eye, they will smile back, it is infectious!

If you are breathing today, you have something to celebrate…..so smile!

If you are vertical today, you have something to celebrate….so smile!

If you have a roof over your head, you have something to celebrate….so smile!

If you are able to read this post, you have something to celebrate….so smile!

Tonight before you fall asleep, take a moment and just think of all the wonderful things that you take for granted and thank God and celebrate you, and your life!