Calm Heads, Organization & Freedom

As I spoke to you last time we had had a family emergency right at the beginning of our busy summer guest season here at Swan Gate.

Once the news of my father in laws broken leg sunk in, tears and disbelief set in.  Now we all know that his femur would have snapped if he had been alone, with his family or if he had been out and about.  It didn’t happen because my mother in law came to the US for a summer visit.

After a long conversation with my father in law in the hospital, we sent our guests off to bed while my spouse and I started to navigate the logistics that it would take to get two seats on the next available flight back out of the US.  This is not such an easy task since 9-11!

The first available was some three days later and even then people would have to be put in place to carry this load until immediate family arrived back in country.

Every day lots and lots of phone calls made to the brothers living here in the US and all of the family back at home to try to arrange for the proper care and getting the right people in place to assure success.  Not to mention the guests who would have to stay here and me to try and be a hostess while remaining calm during all of this mess.

So my husband and I talked the logistics over and shooed the hovering crowd out of the library so we could think and plan with focus and quiet and put a plan together which we could both carry out thousands of miles apart and still maintain so sense of calm and vacation for those who were our house guests.

Next time Lift Off, Jet Lag and Relief.