Sittin In The Rocker

One of the joys of being a mother is the tender moments spent in a rocking chair nursing, or singing, or just holding your infant or toddler on your lap.  The rythmic motion is somehow very relaxing and soothing to both the mother and the child.  Even front porch rocking chairs are very popular and provide that same kind of relaxation through the rocking motion. 

So here’s the question:  “Are you going anywhere when you are rocking?”  No.  Let’s look at the motion through the eyes of science.  You are moving.  Yes.  You are expending energy.  Yes.  You are creating a feeling.  Yes.  But you are not moving forward.  No.  You are not moving backward.  No.  So what are you doing? 

This little analogy is an example of what we do everyday of our lives without the focus we need and the vision of our future.  You see we all say we are very, very busy in our work, in our families, and in our homes and personal lives, but we are in the rocking chair.  We are expending lots and lots of energy and we are going no where.  Just because we are expending energy doesn’t mean that we will necessarily move forward. 

That’s all I am going to say about this today.  Take a moment to be aware of when you are in the rocking chair.  Let me know what you learn about yourself.