Business Women and Their Decisions

How do you make a decision?  Does your decision making process differ at work?  Is the process different when you are at home?  What about when you are dealing with your family?  How about your friends? 

I have become keenly aware that we have lost a valuable skill in our daily lives.  This skill determines our success rate.  This skill crosses all decision making environments from our professional lives to our private lives.  This skill is “critical thinking”.

The fact is that we “voluntarily” make decisions that have a direct impact on our professional lives and our private lives.  One side influences and affects the other side.  When we make a decision in our private life, it does have an impact on our professional lives.  We carry the feeling, emotions, the energy and so on into and from both sides of our lives.

Where in your life are you making decisions which are being made without the use of Critical Thinking?  Would you like to learn more about this process?  What if I told you there were 7 realities that determine your “Voluntary Decisions”?  Interested? 

I have a small report which will enlighten you on this topic.  Please feel free to download and let me know what you think.