Business Life and Personal Life in Goal Orientation

Here we are at Factor #7 which is Goal Orientation.  When we have a short term goal, a long term goal and a bigger vision or goal right in front of us and we measure where we are daily in stepping forward to getting to that goal we are miles ahead of our competition.  When we keep it in front of us we see what today’s assignment is. 

In business this done by having daily action items that step us forward to the completion of a certain task on the road to the bigger picture. 

 In our private lives, it might look like putting that designer coffee money into a savings account and dreaming of a home with a spacious kitchen.

All seven of these steps in the “Preparation for Growth” in our lives in business and in our private lives set a pace which we can grow from.  Sometimes, you set the pace.  Sometimes, your business sets the pace.  When we rise to the occasion we have forward motion.  When we become overwhelmed with shut down and go into a spiral downward. 

Surround yourself with people who lift you up and maintain support in your bigger goal.  Make sure that in return you give back to those who support you with your support of them and their bigger goal.

Please let me know how you benefited from these 7 factors for growth in your Business Life and in your Personal Life.