Business Goals

The subject of “Business Goals” may seem tired and old to you; however, there is new research changing how we see use and develop business goals in our professional lives.  For the past 25 years, there has been a program quietly changing our concept of how we develop business goals and how we implement them in the workplace.  I’d like to share some of this new process with you and see if you agree with me that these are a much kinder and easier way to do this without reinventing this wheel called “Business Goals.”

When we talk about “Business Goals,” we must first look at the “TEAM” we are leading.  We need to ask this of the leaders of those teams in our business:

  • Does the leader of the team enjoy working with the team?
  • Does the team enjoy working with the leader of their team?
  • Are both the leader and the team members aligned on the purpose of the team and the company?
  • Are the leader and team members all aligned with the same core values?
  • What about giving recognition appropriately and at the right time for the team and the leader?
  • How important is money to the team and the leader?

These SIX questions are stated in the order of importance in a national study conducted by this organization over the past 25 years and it has not waivered during COVID, an up economy, or a down economy.

Do you believe this?

I am guessing you do not believe this order of importance and if you do not, you might just be a member of a team that is not performing well, because the entire team is “not aligned” on some aspect, and most likely you have a leader who has stopped growing and is stagnant creating a “LID” for the team and the organization. 

If you would like to get in on this Business Goals Program, contact me, and lets talk.

Next month we will tackle the preliminary steps to create alignment.
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