Business Bailout for Your Business?

What is your economic forecast in your business in 2009?  Where would you go to find out?  Who would you ask?  Why is this important and if you own your own business how can you help not only yourself, but another woman in business? 

You first response may be, ”  I have no idea!”   “I will not ask any questions, because they will think I am not doing well, my business is weak or they may fire me because I am asking!”   OK, fair enough, honest answers all.  So what I hear you telling me is that you would rather sit at your desk and continue to do what you are doing and keep your head low and wait for better times.  Is that right? 

What if we step back a moment and come at this from another perspective and let you be in control?  How do we do that you may ask?  Well, it is quite simple really.  We sit in your chair and we ask questions only we put them in writing and they are your top 5 to 10 things that have you really worried about business in general.  These questions 100% apply to your business and they are generic enough to apply to everyone else also.

Here’s the next step,  invite a bunch of women that you know in your office or that own businesses that are in your local women’s business organization to lunch.  Every one has to eat lunch.  Then open up the conversation with something like,   “I wanted to have lunch with you wonderful ladies and I wanted to just ask you if you are thinking about the things I am thinking about.   I will let you know what I think about each one and what I need in the way of other ideas that you may have thought of that I haven’t and then we can share a little.  How does that sound?  I am willing to be first.”  What might happen? 

You might be very surprised at what transpires.  There are so many things that you can do together and get great results.  It is not about beating out the other woman or her business.  It is about letting all the boats rise up and be at a higher level of play.

Here are so things you could do together:

*You could give a joint teleconference on a topic which is of interest to both of your customers.

* You could write an article for her newsletter about your area of expertise and how it plays into her customers challenges and she could do the same for you.

* You could both share a booth at an expo or business conference where buyers would be present who purchase goods and services from both of you.  You could cross promote and give discounts when a person or company purchases from both of you.

* You could share the purchase and the contents of a mailing list.

* You could send out joint press releases.

* You could both go to each others events and be the guest and network together.

*You could invite your friend to your local business event to give a talk and she reciprocates.

We can achieve so much more when we include those around us.  When we pool our resources even if they are from different arenas you will be surprised how much you will grow.