Broken Pieces Intro

There are times in all of our lives when we feel as if we are “broken into pieces”.  This is natural and we all experience it from time to time.  Something falls through over here, and then over there, at work, at your child’s school, in a relationship, in your finances and pretty soon, you feel like this photo laying there surrounded by broken pieces of what used to be your life.

There are those who would tell you to just sweep the whole mess up and put in a garbage bag and to toss is out and start with a clean life/floor.   But we both know that is easier said than done.   Yeah, right just sweep it up and dry those tears and tomorrow is another day Scarlett.  Well,  duh….NO IT ISN’T.   There is some much residual that hangs on to each of us that we cannot shake it off and begin a new so quickly.

When we pull ourselves up and look down at that mess of broken pieces we begin to think to ourselves:  “…how in the world could so many things go so wrong, so quickly and how did I get in this mess in the first place….”   Well, I’ve been there and I know you have too.  The fact is that we can’t make sense out of nonsense.

Read that again:  “We can’t make sense out of nonsense.

What I mean by sense of nonsense is that too often we get into trouble for a couple of very simple reasons.

Here they are:

1.  We do not know what we believe in our lives about those things that mean the most to us.

2.  We do not know why we believe what we do in all areas of our lives.

3.  We do not use or know what “Critical Thinking” is or how to use it in our daily lives.

4.  We do not know how we think or make decisions in our daily lives.

5.  We have no positive role models or influencers in our lives.

6.  We do not believe we are “Worthy” of being happy, having all that we need to live a full life.

Those are 6 very bold statements.   I believe them with all my heart.

Over the next 6 posts we are going to explore every single one of them and then you are going to decide where you are at the end of the 6th post.

Tomorrow:         1.  We do not know what we believe in our lives about those things that mean the most to us.