Broken Pieces #4

Today, I am going to discuss Broken Piece #4:

4.  We do not know how we think or make decisions in our daily lives.

This is closely tied to number 3 in that if we do not have a process we can never hope to make great decisions in our lives.

What do I mean by the word “process”?  Well, everything we do follows a certain recipe, a template, a default behavior or process.  Here’s what I mean:  when your alarm goes off in the morning what do you do?  What’s your routine?

That’s your morning ritual, your process.

The same is true of how you make all of your decisions.  You are one of many different types of thinkers.

Here is a list of just a few types of thinkers that I have seen in my own career and life:

*  The person who acts totally on impluse

*   The person who just reacts to everything in a negative way

*   The person who reacts to everything in a positive way

*   The person remains calm and cool under all circumstances

*   The person who is looking to blame anyone and everyone for what has happened

*  The person who is the “peacemaker” in any situation

*   The person thinks only of “What’s In It For Me”

*    The passive person who just sits there and keeps taking it over and over again

*    The person who just gives up and doesn’t try to fight back

*   The person who is always thinking “SOLUTION” in every conversation

*    The person who is always thinking:  how can I get this for my people

*    This list could go on and on and I am sure you have types of thinkers who are unique to your sphere of influence and in your daily life.

So where are you in all of this?

What is your thinking process?

What would happen if you adopted another stance to your thinking perspective?