Broken Pieces #2

Today we will look at Broken Pieces #2:

2.  We do not know why we believe what we do in all areas of our lives.

I am sure you are still feeling a little shell shocked over what you read a couple of days ago.

That’s a good thing actually.  It means we are shaking up your thinking and that YOU ARE THINKING!

So let’s get into today’s concept:

We do not know why we believe what we do in all areas of our lives.

This one takes the same evaluation as the  #1 concept.

Take each area of your life and ask yourself:

Why do I believe what I do about: _______________________(Insert each area of your life)?

Here’s what I know:  we believe what we believe because we have either adopted the belief of someone else or we believe what we do from our own experiences.

Which is the case for you?

Again here, we must stop and think:  does this reason still serve me TODAY where I am in my life.

Areas of your life:

Home/Personal Environment

Giving Back




Growth Opportunities (remember there are three of them:  Spiritual, Personal, & Professional)



Relationships (Remember there are four of them:  Personal Intimate, Personal Social, Professional & Social)



Professional/ Career Life

The truth is that we are all moving down the road of life and the things that appalled us at age 30 no long matter at 60.  Things we did and believed in our 20’s are totally untrue in our 40’s and so on.  We are all in a different place in our belief systems and why we hold on to these things.

So what is TRUE for you today?



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