Broken Pieces #1

As promised today we are going to look at Broken Pieces #1:

1.  We do not know what we believe in our lives about those things that mean the most to us.

What in the world do you mean by a statement such as this?

That’s a great question.

The mere fact that you are perplexed tells me something about you.  The fact is most of us have no idea what we believe about anything.

Let me explain this one piece of your broken pieces and how you can put together this one thing in your life to make yourself WHOLE in many other areas at the same time.  You see, from the time you were born you were under the influences of others.  They told you what to eat, when to eat, what to think, how to believe, what was right, what was a “NO-NO”, when to go to bed, what allowance you received and what you had to do to get the allowance and that went on for most of your life that you lived under your parents roof.  Oh, yes, you probably fought back and rebelled as a teenager, but those messages and actions are seared into your subconscious.

Fast forward to today; how many of those same beliefs do you still abide by?

Let’s look at them from the viewpoint of your life areas (that simply means the segments of your life that are distinctive).

See how many of these questions you can truthfully answer without hesitation.

1.  What do you believe about your own “home” environment?

2.  What do you believe about “giving back”?

3.  What do you believe about your “parenting/family”?

4.  What do you believe about your “finances”?

5.  What do you believe about your “safety”?

6.  What do you believe about your own “Growth Opportunities”?  (Did you know there are three of them:  Spiritual, Personal & Professional?)

7.  What do you believe about your own “Self”?

8.  What do you believe about “Fun”?

9.  What do you believe about your “Relationships”?  (Did you know there are 4 kinds:  Intimate/Personal, Social/Personal, Professional, and Friendships?)

10.  What do you believe about “Health/Wellness/Aging”?

11.  What do you believe about your “Spiritual” area of your life?

12.  What do you believe about your “Professional Life/Career”?

How did you do?

My guess is you have never even thought about these things.  Now let me throw out some challenges to you about these questions.

If you are married this puts a different spin on everything, because now there are two of you with different ideas to the answers to these questions as an individual and as a couple and as it pertains to your family.

If you are still abiding by the same rules of that 3 year old you, you might want to re-evaluate what no longer serves you as an adult and make some new beliefs about each area in your life.

Which one created the most cringing when you read it?

What are you willing to leave there on the side of the road?

What new belief are you willing to now believe in your adult life?




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