Brilliant Women

I recently went to a very large event where 5,000 women were all gathered to listen to some of the most powerful movers women in the world of business today.  It was a very impressive group of women.  As I entered the venue, I was awe struck by the sheer volume of women present who were there thirsty for what was about to unfold.  I could not find an empty seat in that huge venue so a ventured along a long wall a hung out scanning the crowd and listening to the speaker and just observing the teaming mass of estrogen.  These women were from all walks of life, they were all colors, all ethnicity, they were mostly all professional business women,  all ages,  all very attentive to their surroundings and attentively listening.

As on famous female CEO, COO after another got up loud cheers went up.  As each recounted her own personal story and the challenges facing today’s woman in the workplace I could see the furrowed brows, the nodding heads and raised hands in the air.  The frustrations of those 5,000 was palatable. There were red soled heels and sneakers.  There were iPhones every where taking photos.  Women were tweeting, working and answering email and listening at the same time. These women were on their feet a number of times.  Any time their company’s name was mentioned it was like a pro-team cheering squad broke out in cheering for their company.

Both the morning and afternoon were peppered with break out sessions which were rich with speakers, hot topics, hot seats and table work which was interactive.  As a coach, I found myself very interested in what these women were concerned about in their professional lives.  Sometimes as coaches we become isolated in our offices with our headsets on talking to our clients and forget about the real world and what is going on out there, so these kinds of events are great to see what is going on and to interact.  I was pleasantly surprised.

How are you feeling right now about yourself in your professional life and in your personal life?    What is holding you back right now?  What are you most fearful of?

I bet I can guess some of the things which are worrying you right now.  See if any of these resonant with you:

I want to work from home, my commute is killing me

I really don’t want a promotion, I like what I am doing and I don’t want the extra work load, I want to be home for my kids

I want to have a life outside the office, but I work such long hours, there just isn’t time for any other life

I want more flex time

I want to actually be able to take my vacation time and not feel bad about taking it

I want to be left along when I am not working, my time off is my time

My work is killing my marriage

I want to be a mom, but I am not sure I can handle being pregnant and then have such a short maternity leave

I can’t afford to be sick, … any of these sound familiar?

Here’s what I know from thousands of coaching sessions:  it seems that our struggle for equality has left us wanting in many areas of our lives.  We are frazzled, we have left no time to recharge and renew ourselves and we have zero white space on our calendars for serendipity.  Women live their lives from a position of  playing catch-up, fear and a feeling of worthlessness all caused by the demands placed on ourselves and society.

Are your feathers ruffled? They are meant to be ruffled! I am deadly serious about this statement. If you bristle at the thought,  then there is hope for you. If you feel like you want to crawl back in to that black hole…there is even more hope for you than you can ever imagine.  Let me shed some light on a whole new possibility for you in your personal life and in your personal life.

Wise women make wise decisions only after they have examined their core foundation and know what they believe in every area of their lives. Once a wise woman knows who she is at her core and is secure in her own self worth she easily grasps situations, makes wise decisions, has deep connections in relationships, can face challenges and opportunities presented in her life in a “whole” new way.

Women are the top decision makers in life.

Over the past 30+ years of my adult life, I have been an astute observer of life. One of the greatest tragedies that I have witnessed are women who begin life “whole” and little by little their lives, their passions, and their very essence is chipped away by: repeated disappointment, unmet expectations, criticism, hateful remarks, emotional abuse,  physical abuse, poor health, unrealized dreams and passions which were stomped upon until these precious women fall into a deep black hole of self loathing. These precious women reside there in the darkness and after a period of time, that hole, which represents the most hurting place in the life of that woman, becomes the safest place from which to peer out at the life they wish they could have.

Does this sound like Y-O-U?

Since 2004, I have been coaching women from all walks of life, women who live in 6 countries and women of all ages. All of these women, without exception are “peering” out of that place where they have become very comfortable. Each of these women, many just like you, are seeking desperately to move out of the darkness and into the warm light of the inherent value of who they are as women. You are so precious and more valuable than you can possibly imagine!

Here’s the biggest secret no one teaches you nor do they tell you…..

You are more valuable than you can possibly imagine!

Once you know who you really are, what your passion is and how to begin the steps to getting to it, you will immediately begin to see changes in your life, you will experience the benefits and long-term benefits of what “knowing” actually means and feels like.

In order to receive these benefits you as a woman must make some basic decisions:

Decision #1: Choose the path that’s right for you.

Decision #2: Choose the right source of wisdom.

Decision #3: Live every day with intention.

These three truths reveal your life. What you decide today will change the road you are currently following. Making a decision will focus and hone what you are doing tomorrow,  how you make decisions and how you live today.

Determine and shape your life, your future, all your tomorrows by deciding to make yourself the priority.

There is no such thing as a magic bullet, or solution or coasting or retirement.

Living in this frame of mind will waste away precious years and deprive you of missed opportunities and fulfillment.  Living to your fullest potential and living in your passion is hard work and it takes daily commitment.

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