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Here at Janice Bastani Coaching we believe that there should be no barrier to raising; Your AWARENESS , Your GROWTH or Your FREEDOM. We believe that each person has a God given right to learn, to grow and to succeed. We provide you those tools in a variety of formats which will best suit your needs, your wallet and your dreams. The more you know about what you want and where to find out the information, the better you will do in your professional life and in your personal life.

We have developed a great introduction to what we believe and why we believe what we do in this business of leadership, in the development of one’s self, in all 12 areas of your life. These are tied to your foundational core which at its heart is your “self worth”. Self Worth does not differentiate between male, female, color, age, race, religious affiliation, what profession you are in, where you live, or how many cars you have. Self Worth comes from how you feel about who you are at the very depths of your soul.

We have a great free report that explains our philosophy that is the basis of all of our programs, our coaching and indeed everything that we do.

Janice Bastani Coaching
We KNOW Who We Are and What We Believe

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On the following pages you will find each of our programs and a detailed description of what they are, how they work and who they are targeted to. We hope to see you growing in your own AWARENESS, making GROWTH plans, and enjoying the FREEDOM that comes from working the process!